Species: Pegasus-Poseidon's monster hybrid (little anthro)     Age: 11     
He is Kim's and Johnny's son

Species: Redheaded dragon      
Age: 48    Eye color: Brown
He's Sargasso's manager. He's short and the usual target of James's jokes and bites. Most people look at him as
a successful asshole, but he is indeed a nice family man with a wife, daughter and even a pet!

Species: Razor     
Age: 43 when Babe shot him     Eye color: blue
As a student, Kain was very interested in robotics and the future of robots in the dragon's world
(in a way the robots would help the anthros) He made many studies in biomechanics and robotics.
When he was a young man in collage, his parents died, and from then on, he started loosing his mind. From a
good man, he became a  maniac. He spent his days trying to revive his parents by using robotics. His big chance
appeared when TDO funded him for a robot project called RS. (Robotic Soldier). So Kain, seeing his chance,
"bought" (!) a body from the hospital and turned him into a robot (Babe). But a mistake in calculations, resulted in
the robot still being alive, and Kain ended up dead by his own creation. Kain appears again in the future in the
Robotic Creator story.
A small note. Kain's creation (babe/protector) is fully robotic. When he was killed by Babe though, his men didn't
have enough resources so they left some biological stuff in there. Kain is a cyborg.

Species: wingless griffin     Age:53     Eye color: blue     Hair: blonde     
She is Ace's biological mother but she doesn't know it. And Ace prefers she doesn't. She really isn't a saint... She
often acts selfish, She is a pop singer and would like to have Ace in her bed!! He is keeping a distance from her.\

Claw dragon    Age: 58     Eye color: dark red     
She is Pik's mother. She suffers from a rare illness, so she must have a surgery very often. Her huspband was
shot by racist TDOs when Pik was young. (they lived in Pash city). After that, she sold everything and moved with
Pik to Yann city. She loves her grandson a lot and likes spending time with him. She met Drake the prime minister
and they got married in a secret simple ceremony to avoid the press (to see how the met, read
Prime Minister 2)

Species: Wingless griffin     Age: 57     Eye color :green     Hair: Blonde     
She is Ace's adoptive mother. She makes the best apples pies ever. James love those apple pies and he is
willing to fight anyone to get one. She doesn't like metal, but she watches her son's video clips on tv... on mute
(unless if its a ballad). She liked having people over for dinner and she will often invide Ace and his friends.

Griffin dragon
Age: 32
She is forced to live as a prostitute so that she can raise her son. She visits Ace every saturday night.
He is her favourite "client" so she always visits him last. She has fallen in love with him but is afraid to tell him.
A small note: prostitution is legal on the island (as long as no one is forced to it. People should keep up-to-date
health papers from doctors  (In the future she will marry Ace)

griffin dragon    
Age: 14
He is Mary's son. He could see what was going on between her and Ace that is why he "hooked" them up (see
comics). He likes Ace a lot and hopes that someday he will marry his mom.

Species: Risso's dragon     Age: 34
He is the lead singer of the Appendages and
Babe's best friend. He is a very nice guy and stood by Babe's
mother side when Babe died by doing home visits, helping with housework, groceries etc. He now knows Babe is
the Protector. He is probably the nicest guy on the island, even though people looks at him strangely because of
his long hair and band t-shirts

A heavy metal band. Babe was the guitar player when he was alive. Michael (risso's dragon), is the leader and
singer, Randy, a
Mirus dragon is the bass player and Red (nickname, not real name) a Red dragon is the
drummer, Now Michael also plays the guitar.

Mountain dragon     Age: 64     Eye color: brown Hair: Black     
She is Babe's mother. She knows that her son is now a robot, but she does not tell anyone. It is his wish. She
leaves a bowl of sugar out for him every night. After her son "died" she got a divorce because she and her
husband were fighting a lot. After some time passed and after they both found out Babe is alive, they dicided to
give it another try and started dating again..

Species: Mountain dragon    Age: 61     Eye color: brown     Hair: black
She is Kia's mom. She is TDO and because she hates amphibians, she tried to kill Pik and Ralph (see robotic
creator). She is in jail for life.

mountain dragon  Age: 64     Eye color: brown
He is Kia's father. He was a very happy person, until his wife went in jail.

Species: Mirus dragonAge: 50
The oldest sibling in his family (his brother is Drake, the current Prime minister), Blake often spent his younger
years watching out for his brother and sister, and making sure he was tough enough to do so.  Martial arts,
boxing, marksmanship, anything he could learn to keep his loved ones safe often at the cost of his grades.
Now he's spent almost thirty years on the police force and now he's both envious and frustrated at the city's
overwhelming love of Protector and lack of support in their cops. He is the first cop that made contact with the
protector (see story what cops are for), and the only one that Protector will trust.
Thanks to
Headmasterdrake for the creation of this character

Species: Mirus dragon Age: 47
Drake, the family know-it-all that turned it into a career path. All his life he's been relaxed, never stressing or
worrying about anything especially with big brother Blake always around. About the only thing that scares or
worries him is if his little sister is angry. Being prime minister was always a dream for him and now he plans on
holding office for as long as he possibly can, especially with all the fun secrets it's let him learn as an added
bonus. And now, another added bonus with his special family connections.

Species: Mountain dragon
Age: 34
Dennis bf. No more info yet

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