DRAGON: The word dragon, includes all creatures living on dragon Isle, including alogoides and
griffinoides. Some may look like reptiles, but they are not. They are considered as a separate
group. (In fact, dragons are more closely-related to birds rather than reptiles). They are warm
blooded, and anthros have different blood types, T+-, C+-, and P+-. The most common is the T+
and the rarest is the C-.

The most important rule is "no dragon is allowed under any circumstances to leave the island".
The reason is that, in the ancient years, dragons and humans used to live together, But as
humans wanted to be dominant species, they started hunting the dragons in the excuse that they
were unholy. The remaining dragons were isolated on this island. This explains the origins of the
dragon legends humans have. This also explains the law against leaving the island. The authority
know about the past and the human world, but they keep it secret from the rest of the dragons.

Anthro and animal facial differences
I would like to clear something up. Dragons are divided into two kinds. The anthros and the animal
dragons. The second are what the word say. The animals of the island. Anthros are the people of
the island that have the human body morph (anthro comes from the Greek word άνθρωπος
meaning human). All anthros have the ability to temporary transform into their animal form. They
are hatched in their animal form and learn how to transform at the age of 2.
NOTE: Just because
anthros have an animal form doesn't mean they have the animal abilities. Their hearing, eyesight
and smell is exactely like human's. They also have human like hands and feet (no claws
people!!!)  Also, animal and anthro dragons have important facial differences (a way to tell
apart an animal form an anthro in his animal form). Anthros have more facial muscles than
animals for facial expressions. Also, anthro's eyes are placed at the front of the skull. Anthro
dragons' genitals are human-like.

TDO: Yes, dragons are all used to live with many species together in harmony. But it hasn't always
been that way. Many years ago, being a false or a water dragon meant that you were a "germ" an
outcast... True dragons were the true ones! Fortunately now, racism has mostly disappeared.
Only a small group called TDO (True dragons only) are racists. They are mostly found in Pash
city (the poorest city of the island) and usually wear a white scarf.

TRANSPORTATION: (example of police hover car) Anthros use carriers to move about. Carriers
are animals that a wingless (or even a winged) anthro can rent or buy. Some anthros may be
carriers for a living. They transform and carry you under payment (like a taxi driver in the human
world). There also are hover vehicles. Those vehicles are owned by the government and
extremely rare by citizens (one rare occasion is Billy-cause he used to work for the government).
These vehicles include: Trains, buses, hospital vehicles, police vehicles, trash vehicles, postman's
vehicle etc. They don't need a  key, but turn on by using a fingertip recognition program.

FOOD ON THE ISLAND: Being an anthro, you can't eat other dragons. Imagine being a griffin and
the day's special was roasted griffin! Very uncomfortable! Anthros eat everything a human eats.
Chicken, beef, pork etc. Of course they also have fish, fruit and vegetable. The only difference
between anthros and humans in their diet, is the eggs. During medieval times, dragons ate eggs
just like humans. But as they separated themselves and started evolving alone, dragons stopped
that habit, and today eating eggs is considered something extremely disgusting, and a taboo.

Wing glove for cold days .
Shirts for wing types .
There are three types of shirts on the island.
1: For the winged anthros (e.g Poseidon). They have two cuts on the back for the wings.  
2. Anthros that have wings attached on their arms (e.g Johnny). They have a "zipper" at the
bottom of the sleeves for the wings
3: Shirts for wingless dragons
Also, having wings with veins in them can be very hard during winter. So, there are special wing
gloves that come out in many sizes and colors.

drug that temporary removes an anthro's ability to transform. ITD is the opposite. It forces the
body to transform. The transformation is slow and often painful Those drugs are used by police
and hospitals.

HE PROTECTOR: Some believe that he is not real. He is a person/creature that watches over
Yann city, mostly at night. He appears only when people need help. Descriptions say that he looks
like a mountain dragon with metallic claws and spits a blue flame. Reporters have often tried to
find his identity but failed. Some people who believe in him - mostly children, leave a bowl of sugar
outside during night. The next morning they find the bowl empty - the Protector was there! (
who is

PNEVMA SPIRITS: Legend says that they live in dark caves on high mountains and they are all
females. If one falls in love with a mortal man, then she is forced to live inside him, in his heart.
After that, they can not stray from their host or they will fade away and die.  Scientists are trying to
find and study them. They believe they might be a new undiscovered small fairy dragon species.