This family includes dragons that look like birds. Almost all have feathered wings and sharp beaks
with teeth at the back. Their ears can be moved indipendendly and the most have cat-like claws.

GRIFFIN (species not copyrighted to me) (griffinoides gatopodarus)
Habitat: everywhere     Length: 8-10m    Wings: feathered
Diet: small animals carcasses    Skin type: feathered    Group size: 5-20
Can be found as an anthro: yes     Brother species: wingless griffin, gryphon
It is the largest of the griffinoides. It lives in large family groups with the eldest female as the

GRYPHON (speceis not copyrighted to me ) (griffinoides grypas)
Habitat: almost everywhere (except from cold areas)     length: 5-6m     Diet: small animals,
Skin type: feathered     Wings: feathered     Group size: 2-5     Can be found as
an anthro:
yes     Brother species: griffin
The gryphon looks like a small griffin with talons. It can walk on its hind legs. Anthro gryphons and
griffins look the same.

TWO LEGGED GRYPHON (griffinoides aetus)
Habitat: everywhere     Length: 0.7-1m     Diet: small animals   Skin type: feathered     Wings:
Group size: 1-2     Can be found as an anthro: yes     Brother species: horned

WINGLESS GRIFFIN (species not copyrighted to me) (griffinoides aftero)
Habitat: valleys, low mountains     Length: 4-5m   Diet: smaller animals     Skin type:
feathered     Group size: 2-15    Can be found as an anthro: yes     Brother species: griffin
This dragon looks like a Griffin, but with no wings and at a smaller size. They live in large groups
with the female being the leader. There is a subspecies of wingless griffin (
) that is smaller size and is mostly found on mountains.

GRIFFIN DRAGON (griffinoides draco)
Habitat: warm places     Group size: 1-5     Length: 6-7m     Diet: meat    
Skin type: feathered/scaly    Wings: hooked     Can be found as an anthro: yes

HORNED GRYPHON (griffinoides keras)
Habitat: forests    Length: 0.7-1m   Diet small animals, carcasses    Skin type: feathered     
Wings: feathered     Group size: 1-3    Can be found as an anthro: yes    Brother species:
two legged gryphon

MANCROW (griffinoides korakee)
Habitat: open valleys and deserts     Length: 1m (height 2m)   
Diet: small animals, eggs, carcasses     Skin type: feathered   
Wings: attached on arms-feathered     Group size: 1-3    
Can be found as an anthro:: yes
It is called mancrow, because if it wants to check its surroundings, it stands tall like a man.

BAT GRYPHON (griffinoides nychtereeda)
Habitat: everywhere     Length: 0.5m     Diet: carcasses   Skin type: feathered/scaly
Wings: attached on front legs     Group size: 10-20  Can be found as an anthro: yes

VULTURE GRYPHON (griffinoides geepus)
Habitat: everywhere     
Length: 1m    Diet: carcasses    Skin type: feathered     Wings: feathered     Group size:
Can be found as an antho: yes
They are solitary, but will gather in hundreds if the dead animal is a large dragon

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