the future of Dragon isle after the war

As you may have read, James was robotised in the Life After (spoiler). Later on, when the war was over, a
small group of humans tried to fix James so that they could use him again (
The life after: Giant's return). In that
story, James wakes up in his body and befriends a
Unidragon named Mat, that later on lives inside him. You
may have seen my drawings of Robot James with a kid. These come from his life after Mat is gone. (You may
want to read
this comic to see how he and Justin met)
Life on Dragon Isle is peaceful once again. Larry is a human that moved to Yann City in hopes of a better life.
He will become known as the only human who lives there (yet). He will fall in love with a
False Horse dragon
who has a son, Justin. They get married, but a couple of years later, she dies. So, Larry is left alone to take
care of Justin. Many dragons did not like this: a human raising a dragon. But after many court fights, Larry
wins custody.
Justin finds Robotic James hiding in the garage (see comic link above) and "keeps" him. He calls him Max.
Larry is terrified when he finds him, but due to reasons I have not thought of yet, he agrees to keep him for a
while. A while becomes forever, and Max becomes part of the family.
After a long time of hiding, Max is finally discovered, and Larry is once again fighting in court (robots are
illegal) to prove to them that he is alive.
Finally, 2 years later, Max becomes a certified Dragon Isle citizen, with an ID card and a passport. Of course,
everyone stares when he walks by, but no one dares to attack partly of fear and partly because Max is now a
normal citizen and that would be a crime.
The only robot in the world Lives with the only human of Yann City

MAX     Species: robotic common dragon     Age: veeeeeerrryyyyyy oooolllddddd     James elias in the far
future after the great war. He is now robotized, and lives with Larry and justin. Unlike the Protector from the
past who had a shiny body, the metal that makes Max's body is darker in color and mat (not shiny). He can not
speak and his behavior is almost 95% animal

LARRY PAYNE Species: Human     Age: 30   Eye color: brown     Hair color: black     Larry moved to Dragon
isle for a search of a better life. He was the first human to move permanently on the island, and he wasn't
treated well. He faced a lot of racism from the dragons, but slowly, they started accepting him. He married a
false horse dragon that had already had a son. He loved her son, Justin, and Justin also loved Larry. He had a
freak "accident" (or was it) and he lost his left arm. Now it is replaced by a mechanical one. But it is covered
with fake skin and it looks like real. Now he doesn't face any racism, but he gets mean stares during the "end
of war" memorial day and the Protector's death memorial day.

JUSTIN     Species: False horse dragon     Age: 8   

more into the future:

Anthros can now be GMP (Geneically Modified people). If parents have cash and is they want to, they can
inject the egg so that their child will be strong and won;t get sick. A hatched anthro can't turn GMP. GMPS are
generally raised to believe that they are superior from "commoners" and will often look down on them. Police
force only accepts GMPs now. GMPs age slower than commoners, for example an average life span of a
commoner is 90-100 years old, a GMP will live to 120-130. GMPs are always stronger than commoner but they
too loose their strength with old age.

Years after Justin died, Max found himself alone again. He was picked up by the future's equivalent of a circus,
and kept in a cage while doing shows. He wasn't taken care of properly, and when a reporter found out, she
released him and took his to a lab to be fixed. Now being free, but nowhere to go to, the reporter arranged for
Max to work for the police. Thus the police chief assigned him to be Cale's partner

Cale Killian (CK): Purple dragon, age 29. He was not born a GMP (Genetically Modified Person), which is
necessary in being a policeman, he had to make fake papers and exercise extra hard to be accepted in the
force. He is a loner, and when he was assigned with Max, he hated him. But slowly the two became a great
team. Eventually his fraud was discovered (he got injured and rushed to the hospital where the doctors
discovered he's not GMP).  Instead of prison, he was condemned to "home confinement" (the chief arranged
that without the knowledge of CK because he believed he was a good man). Max, meanwhile, continued being
a cop. After some years, the chief confessed to Max that he believed Cale was a good cop and he was the one
responsible for sparing him from prison (not a woman cop Cale loved as they believed). The chief asked the
prime minster to get Cale's license back. Once the woman cop found out Cale was returning to the force she
asked to be transferred (this story will probably be changed or have things added as time goes by)

Liz Parry SPECIES: WINGER  Age: 28
Cale's little anthro roomate. Max found her first, since with his radar he can detect anything that moves. Later
she introduces herself to CK which at first freaked out. The three become very close family

Kal Rachev and Josef Winters
Kal (risso's dragon) and Josef (razor)
Two police officers and best friends working in the same HQ as Cale and Max. They were some of the few that
still accepted CK after they found out he was not GMP. (Although Kal needed some convincing from Jo). Jo will
get shot by some experimental drug that is supposed to turn GMPs into commoners but will kill him (he
suffered a lot before he died. That will cause Kal to fall into depression (more coming)

Martha Killian-Parry     Purple dragon/winger hybrid     
(she comes later in the stories)
After living together for a long time, CK and Liz fall in love (I try to avoid images like those in furaffinity but
whatever). The giant relations programme was doing an experiment and CK and Liz gave their genetic material
to make a child, The daughter is born as a little anthro but has the ability to transform into a giant

Ellie Sanders Electric dragon GMP
She is a police office. She and C.K were a couple but she dumped him after it was discovered he;s a
commoner and not GMP.

Eric Kitas Purple dragon GMP
Chief of the Yann city P.D. Secret: He is C.K's father (GMPS don;t have GMP children, they still ahve to pay for
the procedure). CK doesn;t know. At that time, GMPs were not supposed to mate with commoners, it was
considered taboo (racist yes) so CK's parents decided to keep it a secret for CK's sake. He knew CK's papers
were faked but accepted him in the force anyway. He is the one that got CK out of prison and into home
confinement instead, and he managed to get CK accepted back into the force.