The dragons in this family are all four legged. Besides, tetrapodo mean four legged.

POLAR DRAGON (tetrapodoides polico)
Habitat: stolis mountain     Length: 8 m    Diet: meat, fish    Wings: hooked
Skin type: feathered     Group size: 1-3 (mother and babies)    Can be found as an anthro: yes
This dragon lives on the high mountains of Stolis. Its wings are small and are used for heating
and not for flying. The chicks look like gray furballs.

BLACK DRAGON (tetrapodoides mavro)
Habitat: forests    Length: 10m    Diet: meat     Spits: fire     Skin type: scaly
Wings: hooked    Group size: 1    Can be found as an anthro: no
Brother species: mountain dragon
This dragon is poorly known. It looks very much like a black-colored mountain dragon. Its horns
have a weird gold-like coloration and the powder that comes from them is a nice and cheap
alternative for gold for jewellery, For this reason, the black dragon was hunted to near extinction,
but now it is a protected species. .This is also the reason why Black dragon anthros were hunted
the most during the great dragon slaughter in the medieval times, in the name of religion. Anthro
black dragons have since become extinct.

MIRUS DRAGON (tetrapodoides mirus) Mirus dragon growths .
Habitat: forests     Group size: 2-4     Length: 10-11m    Diet: grass, fruit  
Skin type: scaly     Wings: hookless    
Other names: hypnotizer, Green dragon     
Can be found as an anthro: yes
This dragon has the unique ability to temporary daze its enemies, thus
giving it time to flee. This ability made the humans of the middle ages create myths
about this dragon that it can hypnotize or read minds. Males have larger crests.
They turn red during mating season.

RED DRAGON (tetrapodoides kokkino)
Habitat: valleys   Length: 10-12m     Diet: meat     Spits: fire     Skin type: scaly
Wings: hooked     Group size: 1    Can be found as an anthro: yes

MOUNTAIN DRAGON (tetrapodoides vounisio)
Habitat: mountains     Length: 10-13m     Diet: meat     Spits: fire   Skin type: scaly     
Wings: hooked     Group size: 2-4   Can be found as an anthro: yes     
Brother species: Black dragon
The mountain dragon is the most common of the
tetrapodoides. It nests in caves and mates for life.

PURPLE DRAGON (tetrapodoides mov)
Habitat: everywhere    Length: 7-8m    Diet: meat    Spits: fireballs    Skin type: feathered     
Wings: hooked     Group size: 2-5Can be found as an anthro: yes
Males have a larger crest than females. They use it during mating season to attract a mate.
Chicks are hutched light purple and gain their stripes while aging.

PYGMY POLAR DRAGON (tetrapodoides poilico micro)
Habitat: mountains    Length: 6m     Spits: fireballs     Diet: meat   Skin type: feathered
Group size: 1-4    Can be found as an anthro : yes

MANED DRAGON (tetrapodoides leeontaree)
Habitat: open valleys     Length: 2m    Spits: fireballs     Diet: meat    Skin type: scaly /
Group size: 3-8    Can be found as an anthro: yes
They hunt in packs. Those are made up of a leading male and his females and young. Males have
larger manes than females

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